With doro-C we have developed the world’s first plug & play hydropower plant. It will deliver electricity to millions of homes and businesses in off-grid areas – in areas where people cannot rely on a proper power supply yet.
Doro-C is not dependent on mountainous areas. By using very low drops we are focusing on a hydro potential which is evenly distributed over the globe. Simple installation enables non-hydropower-experts to utilize this reliable source of electricity in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Our doro-C power plant comes completely prefabricated in a 20ft standard container, which includes not just the turbine itself, but also the entire automation system as well as the electrical components. The patent-pending doro turbine reaches efficiencies of 90% and enables us to realize generation costs from EUR 0.04 to 0.08 per kWh.

This is how doro makes hydropower simple, sustainable and affordable.

Icon Fallhöhe
max. head: 1,5m
Icon Leistung
35kW / Container
Icon Wasser
max. flowrate 3,5m³/s
Icon Wirkungsgrad
Efficiency > 90%
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