The first doro-C power plant was commissioned in the district of Hartberg, more precisely in Wörth an der Lafnitz in the municipality of Rohr bei Hartberg, in a diversion channel of the Lafnitz. The picture shows the exact position of the site.

The first doro-C power plant

PT 01

With a drop height of 0.9m and an average flow of 2.5m3 /s, the power plant delivers approx. 16kW. From an economic point of view, this location is not ideal, as the turbine could produce considerably more with a higher drop height and more flow, but for a research power plant this was still the optimal location.

Even though there is a nature reserve between the main river and the diversion channel, the ecologists responsible for assessing the ecological footprint had no objections to the implementation of the project. The construction period for the foundations and the necessary stone fillings was completed after only three weeks and nature remained almost untouched. However, the power plant is not only used for research, but also as a show power plant. It was equipped with a platform and safe access to make the workings of the power plant visible to interested people.

Supported by:
The project is supported by the owner of the power plant, which is at the beginning of the diversion, in which he controls the flow of the water as needed by us. For example, he has refrained from producing electricity during construction and left all the water in the main river. He also regulates the flow of water during test scenarios, which enables us to simulate a flood or even a period of low flow. However, the implementation of the project was also supported by the municipality of Rohr bei Hartberg itself.

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