Doro Turbine

Target Market

For whom is doro-C a sustainable and sensible energy source?

Target Market

Industrialised Countries

Rising energy prices are on everyone's lips. Whether private individuals, companies, municipalities or large corporations, they affect us all. For this reason, the topic of self-supply is as big as ever. With doro-C, we provide the opportunity to secure your own base load supply and to produce electricity where it is needed. You are not subject to daily fluctuations and you can also count on a secure power supply at night.

Municipalities depend on a secure power supply 24/7. Be it for street lighting, hospitals or all other system-relevant sectors. With doro-C, municipalities can achieve the security of energy self-sufficiency and save costs at the same time.

Above all, companies that also have high electricity consumption at night should turn to hydropower. But also the companies with a high, even electricity consumption, save a large part of the electricity costs with doro-C.

Associations of private individuals who want to make themselves independent in terms of energy often turn to PV. With doro-C, we are now also making hydropower very easily accessible, which offers EEGs the possibility of base load coverage.

Due to new regulations in the electricity market, it does not matter whether the municipality or the company has direct access to a suitable river. Here, electricity can be consumed by oneself via the public grid even if the power plant is located a few kilometres away.

Target Market

Global South

While in Europe everything is being done to ensure that renewable energy sources gain the upper hand, the consumption of fossil fuels for power generation is growing enormously, especially in developing countries. In order to limit global warming to 1.5°C as envisaged by the Paris Agreement, more use must be made of renewable energies in developing countries as well. On the other hand, electricity is a major driver of development and everyone should have access to electricity. SDG7 of the UN SDGs is dedicated to precisely this purpose.

Affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern access to electricity for all.

With doro-C, we are creating a way to get closer to this goal by providing a simple 24/7 power supply where the electricity is actually needed. This means that there is no need for nationwide grid coverage and rural areas can be electrified quickly.

Specifically, doro-C aims to harness the hydropower of globally evenly distributed small heads (below 3 metres). The simple installation as well as the automated operation do not require any significant expertise on site. Due to the high degree of standardisation, both project risks and project costs can be minimised, whereby doro-C fulfils essential criteria to cover a wide range of applications.

But especially for the electrification of remote areas, doro-C is the possibility to produce electricity 24/7 at very low electricity generation costs.

Doro-C is therefore also ideal for use in developing countries…

  • as an alternative to diesel generators

  • Supplementing generation capacities in existing microgrids (grid stability)

  • Electrification of rural population

  • Rapid restoration of a sustainable emergency electrical supply in disaster areas

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