Doro Team's


Our Mission

Affordable energy for everyone

The doro team has the mission to make energy affordable for everyone. The first step towards achieving this goal was the installation of the PT01 prototype in Wörth an der Lafnitz in the Hartber-Fürstenfeld district. We are thus in a position to present the foundation of base load supply with an intelligent hydropower plant. With further developments of the technology, we will be able to offer plug & play small hydropower solutions in the range of 5 – 60kW in the future and thus tap unused potential in rivers.

A smart energy mix is the basis for a future-oriented, affordable energy supply. By combining different technologies, the degree of self-sufficiency can be significantly increased and the electricity supply becomes affordable again.

With smart meter technology, we will make energy visible from production to consumption. This will give us insight into historical data and we will be able to forecast the future.

Through constant monitoring and reconciliation of the data, we will also be able to provide sustainable support for optimal energy planning.

In summary, we want not only to make the production of electrical energy affordable for everyone, but also to show where the most energy is consumed in order to reduce costs or to contrast this with a producer.

up to 280.000 kWh

doro-C annual output

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