How it all began



The Emergence

There must be a way to make hydropower more accessible….

This thought occupied the two inventors of the doro Turbine (Stefan and Seppi) for a very long time. Many ideas were found and immediately discarded. But one idea was finally so promising that a test stand was built to verify the principle. So the two perfectionists set to work and built the first doro turbine model the world had ever seen. The test bench was built in their own basement and was later to fascinate university professors.

After several calculations, tests and optimisations, the two decided to make more of this invention. Even before the foundation of doro Turbinen GmbH in 2017, funding agencies and investors from Austria became aware of the promising idea.

However, the first interested parties presented the small team with a challenge. The model now had to be scaled for real use and planned for the actual site. At that time, the doro turbine was still planned as a fixed hydropower plant with a run-of-river turbine. This meant that each turbine was redesigned for each location and was to be installed like a water wheel.

Rendering of the plans at the time

Despite many interested parties and several enquiries, however, the project was not implemented for the time being. From today’s perspective, this was an important, albeit painful, phase for doro Turbinen GmbH. Because the team, which had grown in the meantime, had to rethink and so the idea of a standardised doro Turbine, which always has the same dimensions, was born. Once they had thought in this direction, there was no stopping them and the use in containers was also quickly conceived. What now emerged was another novelty in the world of hydropower. A hydroelectric power plant, completely pre-assembled in the factory and enclosed in a standard container together with all the components for operation. The possible applications were expanded many times over in one fell swoop, the project effort and the necessary intervention in nature were minimised immensely and the costs were reduced due to standardisation.

doro-C Kraftwerk


The first plug&play hydroelectric power station called doro-C was born. (doro-compact).

In 2021, the first plant could be put into operation.

At the company’s location in Lebring, Styria, further projects are now being planned and implemented by the team.

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