C = Compact

doro-C (doro-compact) thus describes a highly standardised, compact hydropower system that is used to develop small head potentials. The name is composed of two syllables that describe the product. Here, “doro” stands for the turbine we have developed to convert the potential energy of the water into electricity. The enclosed “c” describes another characteristic of the hydropower plant. The compactness.

All components necessary for a hydropower plant, including the turbine itself, are installed in a standard 20ft container. The simple container look minimises the construction measures at the site itself to a few excavation and concrete works. On the one hand, this shortens the project duration and saves costs, on the other hand, the ecological footprint is kept very small.

With doro-C, we have succeeded in making
small-scale hydropower ecological and,
above all, economical.

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