Doro-C power plant

Project implemenation


Project Schedule

You have a river near you with a stage and want to install a doro-C power plant there or you are looking for sites where you can implement a doro-C power plant?

No matter what your starting situation is, the following illustration gives you an overview of the project process and where we can support you. Even if you do not have a river nearby and still want to produce your own green electricity, we can advise you and support you in the implementation of the project. Regardless of whether your chosen site meets the requirements for a doro-C power plant after an evaluation by us, or you choose a site from our list – the river for a doro-C plant must be prepared accordingly.

We can support you in all project preparations so that everything goes according to plan and nothing is forgotten. In parallel, the production of the doro-C power plant is commissioned.

Clarification discussions with competent authorities & experts
If you instruct us to help you to support you in the implementation of your project, we discuss all the necessary requirements with the relevant authorities and experts before the project is registered.

Project application
If everyone agrees to the implementation of the project in advance, we will register the project with the responsible district authority. After the registration, two tasks have to be solved. Firstly, the water management planning must be carried out as well as the preparation of the necessary expert reports. The expert opinions are required from ecologists, geologists, nature conservation officers, hydrologists or even a hydraulic engineer. In some cases, it is also necessary to talk to the fishery, as they know about the spawning grounds of the fish and these must not be destroyed. In addition, we recommend talking to the local grid operator and neighbours about the project. The costs for the expert opinions amount to about € 1,500.

Water management planning
This is carried out directly by the state and only needs to be commissioned. We can support you with contacts. The state will charge around € 15,000 for the planning. In most cases, the river is public water property and the water right only needs to be applied for at the Federal Government of Austria. You then enter into a lease agreement with the federal government in which you lease a section of the river and up to 3m of bank.

Hydraulic engineering plans
The hydraulic engineering plans required by the construction company must be prepared by a civil engineer. Here we can provide you with a list of civil engineers who are familiar with our project. Depending on the civil engineer and site characteristics, these plans will cost approximately € 10,000.

Once all expert opinions have been obtained, the water management planning completed and the hydraulic engineering plans drawn up, the project can be submitted to the competent district authority. After an objection period of 30 days, the BH will issue a decision. The decision can be positive or negative. In the rarest cases, the decision is negative. The negative decision can be changed into a positive decision by imposing additional conditions.

Commissioning of the construction company
After receiving the positive notice, the construction company can be commissioned and a construction meeting will take place again together with the ecologist in charge. We can also assist with the selection of the construction company with contacts and refer to reliable companies. The costs for the implementation of the site depend on the effort, but according to our experience they will be between € 45,000 and € 60,000.

Delivery & commissioning
When the construction company has prepared the site for the doro-C container, it can be delivered and installed. The installation and commissioning is carried out by doro. After commissioning, there is still the option of concluding a service and maintenance contract with us so that the power plant can be operated without incident at maximum output throughout the year.

In just 6.5 months after commissioning, you can be the operator of a doro-C power plant. Contact us now and you will be producing your own green electricity soon.

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