What do you need for doro-C?




Water law permit*:
This is issued by the local district authority.

Fall height**:
1.2 – 1.8 metres per doro-C 

Flow rate** per doro-C:
Up to 3.5 m³/s

Electricity grid access:
Simple house connection is sufficient (grid level 7)

Internet access:
For remote maintenance

Accessibility to the site:
Easy accessibility by means of excavator and crane facilitates the construction of the power plant

* As a hydropower operator, however, one does not have to own the land around the potential site; the construction of the doro-C merely takes place on the land of the public water property. The lease agreement is issued with the positive approval notice.

** Depending on the head and flow rate, doro-C power plants can also be installed one behind the other or side by side.


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